Sunday, September 18, 2011

...but I can't find the right spot on my foot.

I recently went and had a foot zoning done by the wonderful Janice. It was fabulous! The idea behind foot zoning is to be able to heal and maintain your body by stimulating certain parts of your feet. For instance, Janice was able to show me how to rub my toes to help stimulate circulation around my eyes to make my baggage look not quite so horrid and huge. She realigned my ribcage and eased the tension in my hips. I’ve heard of people getting abscesses drained and kidney stones obliterated from a single foot zoning session. Foot zoning is said to have spiritual healing properties as well. It is supposed to help get rid of emotional toxins and help you be more “centered” and “balanced”.
So after an hour of Janice stimulating, circulating and invigorating I felt great! I was rested and my chakra sufficiently centered. On my drive home I felt as if there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. And then I had a thought…if we can heal our bodies and minds by correctly manipulating our feet, can we in turn cause DAMAGE to our minds and bodies by INCORRECTLY manipulating our feet??? As someone who spends a lot of time on her feet each day this is a great concern to me. What punishment am I inflicting on my body each hour that I’m on my feet at work? If I have to stand on my tippy toes to put something away am I, in fact, making my eye bags bigger? Is every step I take pounding my kidneys into oblivion and shutting down my lymphatic system? And that’s just the physical damage! What emotional and spiritual harms am I creating by merely walking around each day? I know running can make me crabby, but is bad arch support making me crazy?!?!
After all these thoughts came flying my way, I naturally came to the most logical conclusion. I’m never walking again! Ditto on standing, running and skipping. River dance is right out. It may seem extreme but it’s the only logical way to maintain my physical health and emotional wellness. I just can’t afford to have my last ounce of sanity sucked out through my poor innocent tootsies.
So if you need me I will be home, pampering my feet and apologizing to them for the years of abuse and neglect I have inflicted upon them. And maybe, just maybe, they will let my heart keeping beating for one more day.


  1. I love it! This explains so much! I am never wearing high heels or flip flops again!

  2. LOL... Laughed my BUTT off! My best friend is so AMAZING!

  3. Fol! Bean, you are awesome! You have such a delightfully amusing way of expressing your thoughts! Keep blogging!

    Oh, and tell your tootsies I say hi...especially the Doug Hastings toe.

  4. Doug Hastings toe! I love it. Please more Bean Blog!